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A Button Maker's Best Friend - Silicone Lubricant for Maintaining Your Button Maker | Button Makers Ottawa

Are you having mylar troubles? You aren't alone!

We regularly get questions about crinkling mylar. It happens to the best of us -  you get into a great rhythm and suddenly your machine isn’t folding the mylar between the pinback and the shell the way you want it to. 

Good news - your button maker is not broken!

More good news - the fix is simple and cheap!!lube for button press

As long as your mylar and parts are the correct size for your machine, the culprit is likely a lack of lubricant in your pinback die. Using a silicone lubricant such as AGS Tan Stick Lubricant on the angled edge of your pinback die helps to ease the mylar between the shell and the backing.

Apply a small amount to your finger (or a paper towel if you want to keep your hands clean) and coat the whole edge. It doesn’t take much so don’t feel like you have to glob it on! You will be amazed at what a little TLC can do.

As Recommended by The Button Guy - How To Apply Lubricant Video

To see exactly where to apply the small bit of lube to your machine, check out this video:

Lubricant can - and should - be added to your hand press and your automatic machines. Here, with our automatic presses, we are adding a bit of lube every 100 buttons because they can pump out over 1000 pins in a single day.

This is the little button maker must-have tool that is recommended by The Button Guy