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Art Gallery Buttons | Custom Buttons Ottawa

How do buttons and great works of art go together you might ask? Custom buttons (and magnets) are actually great ideas for art galleries, large and small, for a number of reasons. 

1. Promote the Show 

Seeing is believing and buttons can share artwork from a gallery show with audiences in a really tangible, non-digital way.

Pick a few centerpiece works for the exhibition or get creative and create buttons that get people's attention and tie into themes from the show. 


2. Make Art Accessible to Patrons

I love art, lots of art, but I am not buying lots of art. Buttons and magnets with art from the gallery show are really accessible ways for patrons to take a bit of that show home and share it around. It makes art wearable and portable and mobile in ways a postcard or a digital share cannot. 

3. Generate Income for the Gallery and Your Artists

When you offer merchandise from the gallery show at the show for patrons to purchase, you can generate some much-needed income for the art gallery and the artist whose work you are showing. It might not be huge amounts from selling a $5 button or $10 magnet, but it can add up and still generates something that is more than nothing. Especially when custom buttons can cost less than a dollar to get made. 


And we get that shiny round buttons may not exactly say sophisticated art gallery. Consider these options when getting custom buttons and magnets made for your art gallery:

1. Choose a Matte Finish

Matte finish is a really great printing alternative to the standard glossy finish most buttons have. It costs a wee bit more, but the effect is decidedly a more modern and premium look. Plus, it will allow the images used - if using actual artworks in the button design - to show better. 

2. Go Square/Diamond/Rectangle Not Round

Similar to choosing a premium print finish with matte, you can ditch the traditional circle button shape for something different that will stand out. Custom Square and Diamond shapes work well for contemporary button designs while Custom Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle and Oval make for great looking magnets. 

Have a gallery show coming up or just want to promote the art gallery in general, then consider custom buttons and custom magnets. Pop into our Preston St. store to see what we can do for you or reach out by phone and email so we can discuss.