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Montreal artist Evelyne Gravel creates various artwork, but we were introduced to her through her lovely feminist art series sur mon épaule

montreal macarons

We had the pleasure of learning about her work through making these sweet 1-1/4 inch custom artist buttons with her sur mon épaule designs, including the delightful free the n'épaule designs. For anyone needing a translation that is "free the nipple", and so it is the nipple that you see created in various media throughout this collection. 


The buttons are just the latest in Gravel's sur mon épaule offerings. Her Etsy shop also includes prints, bags, t-shirts and greeting cards with the same designs. You can often find her in and around Montreal at various shows selling her work.

And now you can scoop a button or the whole button collection in addition to her other items!

art buttons for etsy

See More of Evelyne Gravel's Work 

Instagram: @sur.mon.epaule

Etsy Store: Sur Mon Epaule Shop 

Other Work: @evelynegrvl  

Attention All Montreal and Ottawa Artists 

We may be called Custom Buttons Ottawa, but we serve the entire region and have fast next-day shipping options to Montreal. Many of our customers are from Montreal.

If you are an Ottawa or Montreal artist, we think buttons are a fantastic addition to sharing your work with the world. Buttons are inexpensive and light - both great options for shipping online orders in stores like Etsy and for offering lower price point items alongside other, possibly more expensive versions of your artwork. 

To learn more about how to get your own custom art buttons, you can check out our site with its easy-to-use button designer, which makes uploading your own designs easier than any other button company's site. Or just call or email us and we can help you out. We are happy to talk buttons and button design!