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Button Making Booth at School Fun Fair | School Fun Fair Ideas

Parent councils and parents everywhere know what time it is just after the long weekend in May and before school wraps up in June: it's School Fun Fair time!

Most schools hold fun fairs outside in the Spring when the weather is warmer as a way to raise money for the coming year and get the school community out to have some fun. Think bouncy castles, karaoke, silent auctions, games, BBQs and ice cream trucks. 

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If you are a parent who is helping to organize your school's fun fair and are looking to infuse some new fun into the event, we are going to help you out with a recommendation.

Set up a button making booth!

Buttons are fun and easy ways to engage all ages of students and their parents. Little hands and big ones can make buttons. And it can be as simple or as complicated as you'd like it to be. Here are some suggestions:

1. Offer a simple crafting area with markers and pencil crayons and different papers to cut out so kids can draw and press their own buttons. Once they have their artwork, you can can help them press the button. 

2. Print out paper circles with your school logo or name and then let them decorate the rest of the design. This way, they will know what the button was for when they dig it out in a few years. This will make it an extra special souvenir.

 fun activity for kids at event

3. If your fun fair has a theme that changes from year-to-year, make sure you add the year to the button along with the year. This makes it something that kids can do every year and collect a button for each year they attend.

4. Make the booth a photo button booth. Students can take pictures on the spot with their friends and favourite teachers, which can then be made into a button for a special souvenir. Again, have a template already set up with the year and school name or name of the event so when you print the photo they have something to collect year after year. 

Don't have a button maker? Ask around and see if anyone in the school has a button maker they can lend you for the event - many Ottawa schools do have button makers. If you don't have access to one, then consider renting a button maker for a low-cost activity that can yield some serious funds for your school. 

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