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Time For Retailers To Button Up For The Holidays | Inexpensive Promotional Products

Retailers who are looking to advertise holiday sales, promote in store deals and maximize sales for Black Friday and Boxing Day, this festive article of helpful tips will teach you how pinback buttons can add some magic spark to your holiday marketing strategy.  

In local stores all around Ottawa right now (and in the rest of Canada too for that matter), retailers are working diligently to create that special, warm and inviting holiday atmosphere for their customers.

Here in our button & gift shop in Little Italy, we continue to stock our shelves with personal, unique and inexpensive gifts for everyone on your list. Come by and say hi if you are in the neighborhood!

Using Buttons & Pins In Your Retail Shop

As a lot of today's holiday shopping has moved online, there is now even more pressure on the brick-and-mortar stores to make the holiday shopping experience something special.

Incorporating buttons in your Christmas marketing strategy may be the last thing you come to think of right before the holidays, but matter of fact is, custom buttons are great promotional products that you can order at minimal cost.

Here's some inspiration and ideas on how buttons can be used for advertising and help you boost your holiday sales.

Buttons To Promote In Store Promotional Campaigns Buy 1 Get 2 Button Storewide Sale Pin

Promote In Store Sales With Buttons

There are many different types of in store sales promotions you could run, and no matter if you are planning to promote in store discounts or want to alert customers about a holiday competition you are running - buttons will certainly help you spread the word!

Use large buttons for advertising purposes like these. You may want to consider 3", 3-1/2" or 4" buttons, to really make sure your message does not go unnoticed. 

Be More Personal With Name Badges

If you are running a traditional face to face store, you need to realize the value of the human touch. Wearing name badges is a simple way to add some personality. Customers will enjoy being helped by an approachable person who knows what they are talking about!

Name Tags For Your Staff From Custom Buttons Ottawa

We have several options for custom made name tags and staff badges, please get in touch with us today to learn more!

Add Buttons To Your Point-Of-Purchase Display

You can make more money with Point-of-Purchase displays - think bins or shelves of small items and products under $10 that you can place right by checkout. Be sure to reel in a couple of extra dollars, by offering buttons, magnets or other low dollar items where the customer is waiting in line.

These are 1-1/4" pinbacks that have been packaged in a zip lock bag with a matching header card. 

Button Packs I Love Local Canadian Themed Vegan Pins

Ask us about having buttons or pins made for your retail store. You can print your own designs, or ask us to see our collection of available button packs and loose buttons you could sell in your shop this holiday.

Canadian Themed Pins and Buttons To Promote Local Businesses

Use Buttons For An In-store Scavenger Hunt

Get creative with your holiday promotions by creating a scavenger hunt for your customers. Tell shoppers to go find a button that you have hidden in your store.

Have them snap a photo with their phone and show it to the cashier for a discount. It adds something fun to the shopping experience and makes the visit more memorable to the customer!

Point Of Purchase Display Children's and Toy Stores Sparkly Buttons And Pins

Sparkly and glittery buttons - perfect for in store scavenger hunts or as low dollar items to sell in a toy store or children's gift store. 

Promote Social Media Hashtags With Pins

Don’t forget to use social media to help generate more buzz for your sale. In addition to running ad campaigns, you can also use your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to share Black Friday or Boxing Day discounts, promotions and giveaways with your audience. Don’t forget to boost visibility by using relevant hashtags such as #blackfriday, #SmallBizSat, or #CyberMondaySale.

Retailers, we hope you have realized the potential and value of ordering buttons for your shop. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about how to incorporate buttons in your marketing plan!