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3 Reasons You Should Make Some Camper Buttons and Make Memories This Summer

Summertime means summer camp season in and around Ottawa. Times spent at summer camp can generate great memories for years to come.

And custom camper buttons are always a great and inexpensive souvenir that lets campers hold onto all their memories in a pin. 

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Here are some reasons we think buttons and camp go together so well!

1. Buttons are a Simple Way To Identify Campers and Staff

Get custom camper buttons to help identify all your campers and staff this year. You can create camp buttons that include the name of the camp along with the year and are individualized with the camper's name. A custom 2-1/4" round button is the best size for camper buttons!

For extra easy identification, we can print your buttons on different coloured paper to print your designs on so that you can tell staff from camper and also to keep all the different years or groups of campers apart. Then kids - and staff - can take their own pins home to tuck away to remember their summer at camp. 

2. Mark Achievements and Acknowledge Campers with Special Camper Pins

Custom camp buttons are also great and simple ways to pins to acknowledge the different achievements of campers. If you have a wrap-up celebration for campers (and their families) you can hand out special pins that can be sentimental or just plain fun.

Think of singling out special campers for their kindness or teamwork during their stay or get silly and make sure those with the best laugh or first to rise in the morning get recognized. 

3. Button Making is a Great Camper Activity for All Ages

Button making is also a fun activity for all campers to take part in. Get set-up with one of our Button Maker Kits with a button making machine and all the supplies you need. These machines are easy to use for all ages and abilities and designing buttons is a great tie-in for campers to display what they are learning about nature, etc.

Button making is also a great rainy day activity to keep campers busy when they have to spend the day indoors. 

What is your camp up to this summer? Do you think a button maker or custom buttons would be a welcome addition to your camp plans this year?

Contact us today to discuss with us how button making can make this camp year extra special.