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Happy Election Year Canada | Campaign Buttons for Federal Election 2019

This election year, use the power of the pinback to spread your political message wide and far.

Get tips and inspiration from the leading button experts in Canada, on how to order custom campaign buttons and other promotional products that won't break your campaign budget.

We also offer DIY button machines, blank button supplies and button press rentals.

Why Use Buttons for Political Campaigns

A button is a messaging tool, a small canvas for ordinary people to express themselves. A button can be the weapon of the oppressed or a quiet form of passive resistance.

Compared to other promotional products, buttons stand out as being:

  • Super affordable promotional item
  • Easy to make yourself: A literal 4-year old can learn how to make a button. Scroll down to read more about how to press your own pins. 
  • Something people wear everywhere, everyday: A t-shirt must be washed at some point, a hat cannot be worn everywhere and a key-chain is often tucked away in your pocket or purse. But a button pinned to a backpack or jacket will be displaying your message in all places, at all times.
  • Memorable & collectible: If you take a look in your keepsake box right now, I bet there is a button in there. Or you may have a memory of a button from your childhood, or remember a specific political pin from the first time you got to vote in an election. Buttons are highly valued by collectors.

What's considered the first button in history was made in 1787 and depicted a slave in chains along the slogan "Am I not a man and a brother". This historic button was meant to promote the British anti-slavery movement to the House of Commons. 

Where to Get Custom Campaign Buttons Made

Order Custom Buttons Here

Of all the button companies in Canada, dare we say that we are the NICEST!

Custom Buttons Ottawa offer a wide range of button sizes and shapes.

In addition to traditional, round campaign badges, we're also equipped to make square campaign buttons, rectangular campaign pins and oval campaign buttons. Any of those shapes will make you stand out in the canvassing crowd!

Our team of button experts are here to make sure you get what you need, when you need it. Unlike some other promotional products companies in Canada, we have no minimum orders.

Regardless if you need just 1 button or 10,000 - we're here to give you excellent service.

Custom Buttons Ottawa has a local button store in Little Italy where you can get campaign buttons made, pick up button supplies, buy or rent a button press.

Place your order online or come see us in person at 169 Preston Street.

If you are in Toronto, you can visit our affiliate Toronto button company, People Power Press


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