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6 Cheap Family Reunion Gifts You Can Order in Bulk | Custom Gifts Canada

Perfect and family are two words that seldom go together, but one of these custom gifts should be just perfect for your family reunion.

Learn how you can design a family reunion gift online and order gifts in bulk. Also, find out why ordering t-shirts for your family reunion is a bad idea.

Planning a family reunion can be both fun and stressful. 

If you have a big family (100 people or more) you definitively want to give yourself at least 6 months, maybe even a year, to get everything ready for your big family gathering.

Getting other family members involved is essential, you will not be able to do everything by yourself!

Assign each volunteer with a specific role or responsibility and make sure you ask an artistic family member to come up with a design for your personalized family reunion gifts.

Scroll down to learn how to design your reunion present. 


Order Family Reunion Gifts in Bulk

I Survived Family Reunion Buttons


When choosing a custom gift for your family reunion, it's best to choose something that will fit a gift bag. This way you can welcome your guests with a family reunion gift bag or a family reunion survival kit. Include a mix of gag gifts and sentimental gifts in the bag.

All the ideas on the list below are custom gift items that you can order in bulk for your family reunion. You receive volume discounts on each item, which means that the bigger your family is, the less you pay per unit.


Awesome Custom Gifts For Family Reunions

1. Family Reunion Buttons & Pins

Ordering custom buttons for a family reunion is very popular. Buttons are affordable and enjoyable to everyone.

Compared to a hat or t-shirt, they are more likely to be worn both during and after the reunion.

Design & Order Family Reunion Buttons




It's A Family Thing You Wouldn't Understand Reunion Buttons


2. Family Reunion Magnets

Custom fridge magnets makes a sweet family reunion favor.

For your magnet design, consider a regional theme if you are hosting the reunion at a destination. They have several magnet shapes and sizes available at People Power Press.

Order Family Reunion Fridge Magnets

Custom Magnets For Family Vacation


3. Family Reunion Mugs

Turn to our friends at What The Mug to order custom mugs in bulk for your family reunion. Customize an existing design or create your family reunion mug design from scratch with their online mug designer. 


Order Custom Mugs for Family Reunion

4. Family Reunion Keychains

Head over to People Power Press to place your order for family reunion key-chains, or get in touch with us directly to place your order.

Several different keychain styles available, including:

Key-chain Styles


5. Family Reunion Mirrors 

Why not choose something a little bit different and unexpected as a family reunion keepsake?

Custom pocket mirrors are great to use for a party survival kit because who doesn't feel the need to check their look in the mirror every now and then during a party?

Your family crest on a custom mirror would make an elegant gift, especially perfect for a more dressed up or upscale family gathering.

Order Custom Mirrors from People Power Press












































Custom Mirrors Family Crest or Family Tartan

6. Family Reunion Stickers

Custom printed stickers are perfect to stick in your welcome bag OR you can use them to decorate the bag!

If you have a really big family that you don't see very often, consider ordering custom name tag stickers.

Let our friends at hook you up with some cool sticker designs for your family reunion!

Another fun idea for your family reunion could be to set up a picture of a big family tree. Put personalized stickers in each family members bag. When they arrive at the party, ask them to attach their personal sticker to the family tree. Sit back and watch the branches fill up!

Why You Should Not Order Family Reunion T-Shirts

There are several reasons as to why t-shirts make bad family reunion gifts. Consider this before ordering custom t-shirts for your reunion:

  1. T-shirts don't fit very well into family reunion gift bags
  2. There's a chance you get the wrong size (and that would really suck)
  3. If people have dressed up for the occasion, why would they put on a t-shirt?
  4. T-shirts are expensive compared to other custom gifts


How to Design a Family Reunion Gift

You don't need to have an artist or graphic designer in your family to make a unique and fun design to use for your family reunion gift. 

Try your hand at our free online design software, or have us design something special for your family!

Use Our Online Badge Designer

Use our website to design your family reunion buttons. Creating your own button design is really easy and quick to do. Just pick your button size, hit 'customize' and start creating!

Design Templates for Custom Buttons, Magnets, Keychains, Mirrors

You can use these print templates for creating your custom design in Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp or other design software.

Download Print Templates For Custom Products

Have Us Scan Your Family Photos | Hire Us To Create Your Design

If you're not really feeling our design software, or need help with scanning your photos, please bring your physical pictures to the shop and let us scan them for you.

Store Address & Opening Hours

We also offer affordable design services. Our team of professional graphic designers would be delighted help you design your buttons, magnets, mugs or other gift you decide would work best for your family reunion.  

BONUS: Fun Activity for Family Reunion

If you are trying to think of some fun things to do at the family reunion, consider renting a button maker! 

You can let your family members make their own DIY family reunion gift at the party.

Making buttons (or magnets) is a really easy craft to learn, and an activity that suits people of all ages. 

Bring a camera and a little portable photo printer and you can turn your photos into buttons on the spot! 

Wishing You a Fun and Memorable Family Reunion!

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