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Choosing your button size: What size buttons should I order?

Choosing your button size is step 1 and a very important part of the button making process.

As a quick reference guide I have laid out below the typical uses for buttons by size. The smallest 2 button sizes do not have the safety pin as is usual with buttons.  The smallest button sizes use the old fashioned copper pins.

Pin back button with copper lock pin7/8" Round: These are the smallest buttons.  Used for tiny fashion buttons. (Copper pin)

1" Round:    Band or music buttons

1-1/4" Round:  Designer or Art buttons - Most popular size at "One of a kind" events

1-1/2" Round:  Also designer or art buttons but with a bigger canvas.  A good medium size button.

1-3/4" Round is the middle.  Good for small election buttons or designer buttons that get noticed.

Various size buttons from 7/8 inch to 6 inches2" is a rarer size:  Has black plastic backs.  Good for Rosettes and large medallions.

2-1/4" Round:  The most popular size of button.  Great for events, campaigns, elections, and smaller photo buttons.

2-1/2" Round:  In the old days this was the standard sized pin-back but has grown less popular but still serves a purpose as a larger pin.

3" Round: The most popular size of large button.  Great for photo buttons and every year millions of hockey and football team photo buttons are created across the US.

3-1/2" Round:  This is the size for large mirrors and coasters.

6" Round:  Gigantic buttons for super size me photo buttons and photo plaques.

Square button shapeDiamond button shapeRectangular and rounded-corner buttonsOval shaped buttons

Oval, oblong, rectangular and square buttons are also available.  Call us!