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Class Reunion Buttons Are Nostalgic and Practical | Class Reunion Name Tags

Students are entering into exam time and while for many of us that time of cramming is long past, thoughts of school days may be front of mind if you are prepping to attend a school class reunion this Spring or Summer. 

Organizing a reunion is a large undertaking and we'd like to help you with some planning ideas, including having class reunion buttons to offer attendees a bit of nostalgia while also having an easy way to identify everyone with class reunion name tags.

school reunion buttons

I mentioned Spring and Summer reunions because it is true that these seasons are the most popular times of year to hold a reunion. July and August top the list and that makes sense as people can travel easier when the weather is nicer, plus you could have the party outdoors. 

A few of us may not have as much hair as we did 10 or 20 years ago so name tags are a reunion must to help everyone see who everyone is. Buttons are a great choice for name tags for a few reasons. 

1. Name Tags and Souvenirs in One Button

Buttons allow you to have fun with the tags, while also giving everyone a meaningful souvenir to carry with them when the event is over. Buttons are definitely a better choice than using basic white label and a Sharpie. 

2. Get Nostalgic With Retro Designs and Photos

You can infuse some nostalgia into your buttons by making them with the school crest or even school houses, if your school did that, or by school program. You could even dive into old yearbooks and use old photos for the buttons to have some fun. How creative you get is up to you!

3. Buttons With Magnetic Backs Instead of Pins

Your class reunion buttons can be made with magnets instead of pins if your event is a bit more formal and you don't think attendees will want to pin their nice clothes. This way you can still get really creative and provide a souvenir, but no one will object to the pin holes. 

4. Buttons are Affordable Reunion Gifts 

Buttons are super affordable so you can create something meaningful and practical that won't break the budget for your reunion. Costs can add up fast, we know, but custom buttons are super cost-effective gifts especially when ordered in bulk. 

custom name tags for class reunions

So ahead and get custom class reunion buttons. We are sure they will be a talking point among guests and you will get more than a few smiles. You can design your own buttons or we can come up with an A+ design for you. Contact us today and we will get you what you need to make your reunion with former classmates a real success. 

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