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Covid-19 Photo Buttons - The face behind the mask!

As we return to work and businesses reopen, the need for good Covid-19 related signage has been an important part of the normalization strategy.  We have been busy making signs and decals to help in the return to work.

Nurse wearing a mask and holding a photo button of herselfNow that schools will be re-opening soon, we are increasingly asked for 3 inch Photo Buttons so that when we are wearing masks people can still see your face.  This has been very important in hospitals, daycare centres and basically anywhere where it may be helpful to actually see who you are talking to. In a counseling or teaching situation a friendly face on a button will help bridge the distance created by the mask. A simple button with a pin on the back is easy to use in the workplace.  If you're a lawyer with a fancy suit, you can use a photo button with a magnet back instead of a pin.

Order Photo Buttons here.  You can upload the photo, add text and resize the photo to get it looking how you want it and then place an order.  Photo Buttons can be with you quickly and we are shipping daily.

Taking the Photos for your Photo Buttons Taking The Photos for Photo Buttons

When taking a photo for a button remember that the photos on your phone are 72dpi but when you actually print a photo you need 300 dpi.  While smart phones make it easy they also assume you want the lowest quality and tend to default to screen images not print images.  So when sending photos in for buttons (or any print job) use the best quality image you can send.

Multiple Photo Button Orders for Schools, Hospitals and Businesses

If you need lots of photo buttons (25+) You can simply place an order for the number of photo buttons required.  Your order will be confirmed with an order confirmation email and will have an ORDER # in the subject line.  Once an order is placed and you have your shipping, size and quantity setup, simply reply with your order number in the subject line with your images attached as good quality jpegs.  We will do the rest for orders over 25 photo buttons.