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Farmers' Market Buttons | Ottawa Farmers' Market Promotion

April showers bring .... May outdoor farmers' markets opening!

Everyone knows this city's major farmers' markets, but do you know just how many markets are in this city? Here is a list of most Ottawa Farmers' Markets. Some are open all year round, but many start their season in late April or early May and run through to the Fall. 

What is your favourite market? Why? 

farmers market fundraising idea

If you run a market, have you ever considered getting some farmers' market button swag? Custom buttons are also a great addition to your table if you are a farmers' market vendor. 

Patrons of farmers' markets can be a loyal bunch and pins are a great way for them to share their love of the market and their market favourites. 

Sell Buttons to Fundraise for Your Market

Buttons are also a great way for Ottawa farmers markets to fundraise because they are simple and affordable to make. Your market faithful will easily pay $5 (or more) for a pin because they know it supports the market behind the pin.

buttons for farmers' market

Engage Shoppers with a Button Scavenger Hunt

You could even think of fun way to engage Ottawa farmers' market patrons with something like a button scavenger hunt. Make and place different buttons throughout the market and get shoppers to hunt for the pins and share what they find online. 

Run a Button Making Station at Every Market

Or get your very own button maker and set up a button making station where kids and adults of all ages can stop by, chat and make some buttons. 

While farmers' market season is coming up fast, there is still time to get your buttons made. We have a super easy-to-use online ordering process - no templates or design software needed. Pick up your order at our Preston St. location or we can ship them out to you. 

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