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First Aid and CPR-Certified Buttons for Summer Events and Summer Camps | Custom Buttons Ottawa

It is summer and that means loads of outdoor fun with summer camps for kids and loads of festivals and other events happening out in the sun.

first aid planning for events

While the focus should be on fun, anyone responsible for organizing and running these events also needs to focus on safety.

The summer heat brings on its own safety and health considerations. 

Who knows CPR on your camp and event teams? 

How can others quickly find and identify who is trained in CPR?

Where is the First Aid kit located?

For kids at camp, do all staff know who has allergies and exactly what allergies each child has?

Do you have Naloxone kits on hand in case of an overdose?

allergy alert buttons summer camp id

First Aid, Allergy Alert and CPR-Certified Buttons are a must have for events, festivals and camps this summer. Because when a crisis hits, people just don't have the time to ask around. You need this kind of information fast and a simple button with clear symbols can communicate it fast. 

We have our own set of designs (as seen in the photos here) or our you can come up with your own.

Just a few tips for making custom first aid, allergy and CPR-certified identification pins:

1. Simple Designs with Universal Symbols

Events and camps bring together people of all ages and who speak different languages. Use bright simple symbols so that children and non-French or non-English speakers can get the message quickly. Think of a peanut or milk carton in a red circle crossed out for an allergy or a red cross for buttons identifying people who have CPR training. 

2. Make Them Big Enough to See in a Crowd

Using buttons to communicate important information with a glance is a great idea, but make sure you make those buttons big enough. Your identification buttons should be no smaller than 2.25" round, and you may even want to consider a larger button size like 2.5" or 3". We do make 'em bigger too - 3.5", 4" and 6" - but those may be a bit too big to be worn comfortably! 

3. Bright Colours Please

Again, you want these buttons to stand out in a crowd and be seen so being subtle is not the goal here. Make them bright so people can see them pop off someone's clothing. 

Other Uses for Health and Safety Buttons and Magnets

Buttons and magnets can be super useful communication tools in the workplace and various public spaces. Medical buttons and magnets help to easily and clearly communicate important information to people. 

health safety buttons for events

For example, if you have staff that works with the public, you can ask staff members whohave CPR training to wear a CPR-certified pin so that everyone can easily access help if in distress.

You can also have First Aid buttons and magnets visible so employees and the public can access first aid tools quickly. First Aid magnets can be stuck onto cabinets to make very clear where the First Aid kit and/or supplies are located. 

These pins, if designed with clear designs and images can even help those who may not speak the official language or are non-verbal to get help from the right place. 

You can choose from one of our pre-made designs or we can come up with a custom design that works for you to get your medical message across. We have a super easy-to-use online button designer (no annoying set-up fees or hard-to-use templates!)

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