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Free Winter Activity | Learn How To Make Your Own Pins & Buttons

Looking for things to do in Ottawa this winter? Come by our one-stop-gift-shop in Little Italy and learn how to make a pinback button. Try this new activity for FREE. Bring your friends and experience first hand, the magic of DIY button making - an arts & crafts activity suitable for children of ALL ages. Come in from the cold and warm yourself up at People Power Boutique

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Art Pin Making Free Winter Holiday Activity in Little Italy OttawaLately we've spotted a lot of outdoor activities on the common Ottawa event listings and hopefully the weather will be nice enough this winter holiday that we get to go skating, skiing and hiking.

But for those freezing days that we all know are coming, it's better to stay indoors and get into some classic holiday button making.

It's Exactly Like Magic, Well Almost

Seeing someone make a button for the first time is always very heartwarming. Kids and adults alike tend to marvel over how incredibly easy and fun it is to make your own badges, usually exclaiming "IT'S LIKE MAGIC!". 

This is not just a great family activity - really EVERYBODY likes buttons!

Red Christmas Flower Design On Button

Cheap Date Idea (And Pretty Cute)

Congratulations, you've just found a good place to go with your date in the winter in Ottawa. This place has so many benefits:

  1. You get to be indoors
  2. You get to try a new activity on your date
  3. You get a little memory keepsake from your date, to remember the special time you shared with each other
  4. You get to spend little to no money on your date - because it's FREE

Extremely Easy Craft To Learn

All you need to make a button is four parts - a shell, a pinback, a plastic mylar cover and your design on a paper circle. You can use our pre-made holiday themed button designs, or you can draw something and turn your picture into a button. 

Assembling the buttons is quick and brainless with our super easy-to-use button hand press from Tecre.

Such a simple and effortless, yet rewarding new thing to learn how to do.

Christmas Themed Badges  Wreath, Christmas Flower, Tree Ornament, Snowflake, Ho Ho Ho Designs

Come Visit Us Today

So now you know where to go for fun things to do indoors in Ottawa this winter! To People Power Boutique, your new favourite gift shop and button store in Little Italy.

Oh - and no need to bring a coupon or anything with you - just walk in and say you saw this post online.

See you soon!

P.S People Power Boutique is also a great place to pick up novelty presents, gag gifts, last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. There is something for everyone on your list!

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