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Get a Button Maker this School Year

It is summer so no one really wants to be thinking about or talking about school. We get it. But we are going to jump in and talk school anyway. Just don't tell the kids!

A button maker is a great addition to the classroom, providing a fantastic hands-on learning tool, allowing kids to make connections in their learning. It is an accessible activity for various ages and abilities. 

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So Many Ways to Use a Button Maker in Your School

If you are looking to get started, we can help you out. Just know that a button maker can be used for the following:

  • Various Classroom Projects
  • Fundraising
  • Concerts/Special Events
  • Anti-Bullying, Other School Campaigns
  • Day of Pink and other Special School Days
  • Concerts/Special Events
  • Student Recognition
  • Sports, Bands, Other Teams and Groups
  • Special Needs Communication
  • Dietary Restrictions/Medical Issues
  • Classroom Organization, Labeling/Name Tags
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Maker Space
  • Graphic Design/Art
  • Student Elections
  • And More!

The opportunities are vast for integrating button making into classroom learning.

The great thing is that button makers are easy to operate and button making is truly an accessible activity for all age and skill levels.

So What Size Should Your School Get?

You can really get any size, but the size usually depends on the age of the kids you are working with and what the buttons are being used for. There are two sizes we generally recommend for schools.

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The 2-1/4" Standard Button Maker Kit is perfect for elementary grade students. The size is large so that kids designing their buttons by hand will have loads of space to create. This typical election button size is big enough to be seen, but not too big.

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The 1-1/2" Standard Button Maker Kit is a smaller size button maker that is better suited for older students. It is more wearable, not standing out too much while still being visible, and is better suited if students are largely making digital designs.

Both button makers are rugged machines that are built to last and can handle making 1000s of buttons with many users. Don't invest in hobby machines or machines made with plastic parts that break or removable parts that get lost. Our machines are in classrooms across Canada for good reason.

We do sell a range of button maker sizes, however, so be sure to check out all of our kits to find the right size for your needs.

Set Us Up as A Vendor!

For approved schools, we do accept Purchase Orders. If you are a school administrator or teacher, contact us today about how to get us set up as a vendor for easy ordering.

We have a local store so you can save on shipping costs by picking your orders too!