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Give the Gift of A Button Maker to Your Maker | Maker Gifts for Christmas

Do you know a maker who love to create and make stuff? If you are wondering what to give the maker on your Christmas list, you should consider giving the gift of a button maker. 

Button makers allow you to make so much more than buttons and are great tools for adults and kids alike. Button making is a great creative outlet that allows us to get busy with our hands and away from digital devices (apart from creating your digital designs, but those can be done by hand too!) Think of it as giving the gift of creation and not consumption. 

 what to get kids for christmas not digital

There are really so many things that can be created and used with a button press that it would be hard to list them in one blog post. And if you are gifting one to a maker then they will likely come up with their own ideas easily of all that they can do with this super cool tool. They can make a variety of items with the press as well including magnets, key-chains, mirrors, coasters and jewellery. 

Schools and libraries across the Ottawa region already use button makers as popular tools in their maker spaces. Kids love using them and button makers are also well used by a variety of artists from illustrators and graphic designers to musicians and painters. 

Visit Our Ottawa Showroom (Little Italy)

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The best way to get a button maker for Christmas is to visit our Ottawa store and see a button maker in action. We have a few different models and once we know your needs, can make the appropriate recommendations. If you cannot make it into the store then definitely contact us by email or phone and we can walk you through the details that way. 

Trust us, a button machine is the perfect gift for a maker this Christmas!

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