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Remembering JFK | Iconic Campaign Buttons

When it comes to collecting political memorabilia, few American presidents have been as popular to collect as John F Kennedy. As this week marks the 55th anniversary of the JFK assassination, here's a rear view look at some historical JFK campaign pins.

"Our Next President" John F. Kennedy Pin

Our Next President Pinback Button JFK

Image source: JFK Memorabilia 

In the U.S, pinback buttons have a long history. In fact, buttons have been part of election culture ever since the presidential inauguration of George Washington.

But it was during the presidential campaign of 1960 that the popularity of promotional ephemera reached completely new heights. Candidates were handing out hats, bumper stickers and of course, BUTTONS. 


"Leadership In The '60s" Kennedy & Johnson Button

Kennedy and Johnson Presidential Campaign Button

Image source: Political Parade

At the beginning of his presidential campaign, JFK was a little-known senator from Massachusetts. According to some, it was the Kennedy-branded buttons and pins that heavily contributed to the success of his marketing campaign.

Having 100 people wear buttons in support of JFK was deemed more efficient than tv-commercials.


"If I Were 21" And Other Collectible JFK Buttons

 Collection of Vintage JFK Buttons and Pins

Image source: Worthpoint 

During the 1960s, it also became increasingly popular for regular citizens to design and make their own political buttons, sometimes called "grassroots buttons". This is probably why there are so many different JFK buttons in circulation. 


With the federal election coming up in Canada next year, it will be exciting to see if any political buttons will be made as iconic as JFK's! 


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