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More Than Just a Button Shop in Ottawa

Our boutique is more than just a button shop.  Come and checkout crafts and gifts on Preston Street.  Is it the first button shop in Canada?  No probably not.

Button Shop in Ottawa

But who did open the first Canadian Button Shop is a good question.  There was some years ago Mr Badge in Ottawa but it is not clear whether that was a shop or a boutique or quite what it was.  They did make custom buttons but they did not supply all the parts and the machines for button making.

Back from 2011 I did find an image of the button shop in Toronto on Jane St.

Button Shop on Jane in Toronto from 2011

This store sold bulk pins and button supplies but was not really like our Ottawa store.  We have made more of a button boutique with gifts and cards as well as eclectic ideas and retro and vintage items to compliment the crafts, screen printing and other stuff we do. Yes there is a barber sign.  No we do not cut hair but we have a lot of very cool vintage signs.

Button Boutique 0ttawa

At the Ottawa button shop you can swing by and make a button, you can design a button online on the store computer and then print and make it yourself.  You can also place custom button orders or pickup supplies for your own button maker or pickup a used button maker while your there.

Also we have a range of neon lamps and lights, greeting cards, button cards as well as all kinds of craft, gift and retro vintage gift items.  If your a collector we have a full range of display frames to display your collectibles.  Got a hockey card collection? Baseball cap collection? Vintage car collection?  We have a shop full of professional display frames to put your collectibles on show and behind glass.  And yes I do mean model vintage cars. If you have a real vintage car collection you may need something larger!

Ottawa's first button store and boutique