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New Button Size is Here - Hello 2-1/2" Square Button!

New button sizes don't come around every day, so when they do it is kind of a big deal.

A new 2-1/2" square button - and magnet - is now available for your custom button designs!

new button size

A square button is a great button shape. The square is distinctly different from the usual round shapes seen everywhere and it is just a really good looking button. It is an especially nice looking magnet where rectangle shapes are more commonplace. Whether button or magnet, the square just really stands out and in the best of ways!

The challenge to date is that the sizes for square buttons are few, which can be limiting if you really are a fan of the shape, but need it to be a certain size to get the job done. 

Well, now the list just got a bit longer. The 2.5" square button (and magnet) is a great addition and fills the gap between the 2-inch and 3-inch square buttons that are already available. 

Great Uses for Square Buttons

Square buttons and magnets are great for:

  • Artist Buttons - you don't need to cut any corners when transferring your image onto a button/magnet;
  • Band Merch - perfect for displaying your album cover designs and selling at shows or online to your fans;
  • Quotes - this shape pairs so nicely with text; 
  • Corporate Branding and Logos - some logos just look good in the square shape, instead of being adapted to a circle so stay consistent with your brand by getting custom square buttons and magnets;
  • And More...

Can Be Made As Custom Diamond Buttons and Magnets Too!

The other sweet thing about square buttons is that you can order them to be made as diamond buttons or magnets so that the artwork is set up to be printed in the diamond layout and, with the pinback button, the pin can be oriented to corner-to-corner so pinning on a diamond button is a breeze. 

diamond button for logo

Because the 2-1/2" square button is soooo new, pricing for this item is not available yet on our pricing page. If this is a shape and size that interests you (along with the other square sizes of 1"/1.5"/2"/3"), please reach out to get pricing or come into the store to see what we are talking about!