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Festival Season is Here: Why Button Making and Buttons are Always Popular

Summer seems to have come early this year after Spring's late start. And warmer weather in the Capital means lots of summer festivals and outdoor events. 

button making for summer events Ottawa

If you are busy planning for your summer event(s) in and around the Ottawa area, have you considered having buttons at your event? You can have a button maker on site so people can make buttons or get us to make custom pre-made buttons on hand for sale or a giveaway.

Keep reading for a few ways buttons and button making is a great idea for summer festivals. 

Button Makers Can Be Used By All Ages

Button Making really is an accessible activity that is fun for all ages, but also easy for everyone to take part. 

With guidance - and sometimes some muscle - everyone can be part of button making. Little hands love to colour and being part of the magic of spinning the button maker around to reveal a pressed pin. But then, so do adults. That magic moment never gets old and no special skills needed!

fun kids activity for festival Ottawa

An Easy Way to Engage People

If you have pre-cut artwork with your logo or message that people can personalize and colour before pressing their own button, you have an opportunity to get them to engage in your message in a hands-on way. And while making the buttons, you get a chance to really talk to people too. 

Low-Cost Giveaways

Buttons - custom made by us or made using your own button maker - are low-cost promotional items and giveaways. Sure, the button maker may be an initial investment, but our Button Making Start-Up Kits include heavy duty machines that are built to last for years. And the cost for button supplies is low. 

Great Fundraising Idea

Are you an organization looking for easy ways to raise funds while educating people about the work that you do? Set up at local events to sell custom made buttons for $1, $2 or $5. People want to invest in your organization so they will pay $5 for a button or even more. Really.

This way your supporters get something for their donation and the button now is a way for them to wear their support beyond the event.

Appeal to All Budgets

If you are a business selling other items, buttons provide an affordable way for people to buy something from you. Making and selling buttons alongside higher priced goods means you have something for all budgets. This is a great idea for artists and craft show vendors.