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Ottawa Teachers Set To Strike With Rest of Ontario Teachers | Strike Buttons

Ottawa teachers are now engaged in a work-to-rule campaign, which started Nov. 26 and could end up going on strike with the rest of the province's teachers if the unions cannot reach a deal with Premier Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative government. 

This means lots of teachers and their supporters out on the picket lines with protest signs - and protest buttons!

When Doug Ford's Progressive Conservative Party came to power in Ontario his government started making some changes in the public education system. These changes have upset many who work in Ontario schools, along with the youth that attend those schools and their families. 

cupe school strike 2019

Some high school students staged a walk out in the Spring to voice their concerns about changes in their schools and now support staff at many Ontario schools where ready to walk off the job before a last minute agreement was reached. 

Buttons and strikes go hand-in-hand, whatever side of things you fall on. Buttons allow you to express your ideas clearly without saying a word. 

Things in labour negotiations can change quickly so just know that if you need buttons during a teacher's stirke, we have you covered.

Custom Buttons Ottawa is the best place to get your strike buttons fast. We are fully equipped for high volume button production with fast turnaround times. We';ve made 100,000s of buttons for striking unions over the years. We've also made many other statement buttons by people who want to express their own thoughts on issues that affect them. 

If you would like to get protest buttons made or make your own strike buttons to get your message out en masse or just as a one-off button, we are here to help! There are a few ways to get your union buttons and statement buttons made. 

Custom Buttons Made By Us

You can use our awesome easy-to-use online button designer  and we can get started. Election campaign style buttons are traditionally a 2.25" custom round button, but you can get buttons in bigger or smaller sizes as well. 

Make Your Statement Button In Store at Our Preston Street Location (Little Italy in Ottawa)

Come into our Preston Street store located in Ottawa Little Italy neighbourhood to make your button here with us. It is a good idea to bring your design on your phone or a USB that we can then print for you here or email it to us before you come. Or you can use our supplies to hand draw your message. 

Rent A Button Maker to Host a Button Making Party With Like-Minded Folks

Looking to make a number of buttons? Consider rolling up your sleeves to make your own buttons because it is easy and fun. You can rent machines here in store or you can rent to take home with you. Collect friends and colleagues to make a fun event of it. You can make buttons and other things like signs. Whatever you put on a sign can be put on a  button!

Go Full DIY With Your Own Button Maker Start-Up Kit

If you will be making a lot of buttons and feel like this is something you will be doing a lot of, you may want to purchase your own button making kit. We can help you get the right size and supplies for your needs. 

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