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Sadie & June Hand Embroidered Maps | Custom Buttons Ottawa

Sadie & June is a local Ottawa company with such a lovely product. 

Run by a wife and husband team, Sadie & June hand embroiders - hearts, words, etc. - onto vintage maps. These maps can be of a special neighbourhood or city or can be to mark the special relationship between two places. 

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These hand-embroidered maps can be framed to make a super special gift for someone. Think of a special trip you and a significant other took and want to remember or maybe your hometown 'hood that you want to think of. These embroidered maps are framed to be displayed and make great gifts too.

You can order a custom map or you can choose from one of the over 500 (and growing) maps already available. 

Sadie & June have an Etsy shop, but also appear at art and craft shows, as well as vintage and flea markets in and around Ottawa. Their maps are also sold in shops throughout Canada and the U.S. They are an awesome small business in Ottawa we can get behind. 

Buttons To Give a Little Boost To Your Biz

In addition to the embroidered maps, they make and sell sweet little custom 1" buttons with images of maps of different places. We work with a number of small businesses and artists who make great art and buttons offer them something else to sell at shows and online.

In addition to the 1-inch pin, the 1-1/4" round buttons and 1-1/2" round buttons can be great sizes for custom art buttons. 

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For some, buttons are an affordable way to appreciate and support someone's art without being able to purchase an item that is larger or costs more than a button. 

If you are are an artist based in Ottawa or anywhere across Canada, we can make buttons for you without you needing to invest in getting your own button maker. We have our easy-to-use online button designer as well so you don't have to worry about paying extra set-up fees that other button companies charge. 

Find Out More About Sadie & June

Etsy Store: Sadie And Junebug


Instagram: @sadieandjune

Facebook: @sadieandjune

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