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Spring Charity and Memorial Walks | Custom Memorial Buttons

Charity and memorial walks are great fundraising events to hold in the spring and summer months. 

If you are part of a fundraising team and will be taking part in a charity walk, consider adding something extra special. Custom memorial buttons are a great way to show team spirit and remember the people you are walking or running for. 

Here are a few ideas for adding buttons to your walk this year:

1. Custom Photo Buttons

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Nothing can bring back the memory of someone quite like a photograph.

Get your buttons printed with a photo or collection of photos showing your loved one just as you remember them. It lets you include them in a simple, but really meaningful way and also shows other who you are out there walking for. 

You can add text - for example, the name of the walk with the year - to the button along with the photo or just have the photo on the button. Scroll through your phone or scan an old photo from a photo album. Anything goes as long as it means something to you. 

2. Big Buttons Rock!

If you are only planning on wearing the buttons for the walk, make sure you make them big. Don't be shy!!

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It would be a safe bet to choose a 3" button (or bigger!) for a walk so that the buttons will be seen as you walk around and then will be a great souvenir that you can place somewhere special when you are done. 

3. Shoelace Clips

This is a special item we don't even have on the website yet, but these are buttons you wear on your shoes! They are made with a loop in the back that your shoelace can weave through and will stay snug as you move.

ideas for organizing charity walk

This is a super fun gift for run participants if you are a charity run organizer. Especially great for families and children too.

Available in different sizes so contact us is this is something you would be interested in getting!

Everyone wears t-shirts for charity walks and memorial walks, but add something extra special with memorial buttons. They are great for everyone to wear - even those cheering you on from the sidelines and also people who have donated to your cause.