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Trick or Treat Buttons | A Sugar-Free Halloween Giveaway

This October, hand out custom designed spooky buttons to trick or treaters, instead of candy filled with sugar and food allergens. A Halloween give away that is both simple and affordable. Use our website to design and order your own Halloween themed pins. It's a treat that lasts longer and can be enjoyed by everybody!

Design and Order Halloween Themed Pins Online Pick up in Ottawa

The spookiest month of the year is finally here! For the kids here in Ottawa the countdown to Halloween has officially begun. For some parents however, Halloween comes with the anxiety of accidentally finding something dangerous in your candy bag.

With allergies on the rise, something as innocent as a chocolate bar can for some trick or treaters be almost as harmful as a bag of meth. 

There's a risk you are giving away something harmful without even knowing it. Food allergens in candy are more common than you might have considered. 

Many children today are allergic to milk, egg and nuts. These are all very common ingredients in Halloween candy, and you should avoid handing them out unless you're completely sure the child is allergy free.

Buttons as Halloween Trick or Treat Giveaway

Make sure your treat doesn't turn into a trick by handing out Halloween gifts that are non-edible. By handing out buttons instead of candy you eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction.

Designing your own personal Halloween buttons is really easy, especially with our built in button designer software. Just find your size and start customizing!

For Halloween, may we suggest teeny tiny 7/8" buttons? You can order 100 for only $35.99 (plus tax). Definitely more valuable than buying boxes of Halloween candy from the grocery store!

If you are looking to really get noticed this Halloween, check out these reflective buttons from People Power Press. The design is printed on dura-lar and layered on top of reflective safety tape, smart right?!

Get in touch today if you need help with designing or ordering creepy giveaway pins for Halloween.

You can pick up your custom buttons from our store in Little Italy in Ottawa, or have them shipped right to your doorstep.

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween!