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4 Ways to Raise Money For School With Buttons | Simple & Fun Fundraising Idea

Raise Money In School With Buttons

The button must truly be the world's simplest fundraising idea. Learn how you can use the power of the pinback to raise funds for your school or non profit organisation.

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Schools all across Canada have already realized the effectiveness of using buttons for fundraisers. If you are looking for ways to raise money for your school, library, student organization, sports team or community, badges can help you get there! 

There are many different ways you can include pins in your fundraising plan, here's just one example from Ottawa Hospital's fundraising 'Dancing with the Docs'.

Keep reading for more ideas on how to use custom buttons for your fundraiser!

1. Design Your Own Fundraising Buttons Online And Click Order

The most basic way of using pinbacks for your fundraiser, is to order custom buttons in bulk online, that you then sell at a profitable rate to family and friends and at your school gatherings and events.

All you have to do, is decide which button size you prefer, click 'customize' and start designing your own fundraising pins. You can easily upload a logo or an image, or design something from scratch. 

Note that we apply volume discounts, meaning the more buttons you order the better the unit price. 

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2. Sell Access And Entry Badges At The Fundraising Event Entrance

It's easier to charge an entrance fee at your fundraising event, if the paying guest receives a gift or memory keepsake with the ticket fee. This fundraising trick definitely offers a good margin when you consider how affordable pinback buttons are!

Entrance Pinback Button For Fundraiser Event School 

3. Sell Pins As Raffle Tickets For Fundraising

Let people purchase a button that reads a specific number. With the promise of a chance to win a bigger prize, you will be able to charge more (and raise more money) per button.

Check with your local businesses for great gift donations, to use for the prize table!

4. Raise Money With A Button Making Booth

If your school or organization hasn't invested in a button press yet, now is the time to consider it. Do it yourself button making is an activity that kids of ALL ages enjoy, (and adults too). 

You can also rent a button press to use in school or at your fundraiser!

How to optimize the use of a button making machine in school

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DIY Button Making Activity For School Fundraisers

Good luck with your fundraising!