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What Button Maker Kit To Get?

So you are thinking of buying a button maker. Congrats!

But what what size of button maker should you get? Good question. 

There are many different sizes of buttons you can make, but most button makers will only make one size so you want to make the right call when making the investment to get a machine.

buying a button maker

There are a few questions to ask yourself as you figure this out.

What are you making buttons for?

Smaller size buttons (1"/1.25") are better suited to little to no text or simple designs that are not complex. You want what is on the button to be visible, but if the smaller button is crowded, it is hard to see what is on there. 

The smaller sizes are super wearable though - small enough to pin and leave on your bag or jacket and even pin multiple buttons.

Medium and larger sizes are great for campaign buttons and election pins as they are much more visible when pinned. The 2-1/4" round button is the typical campaign button you see at election time, but you can always go a bit bigger to really stand out or a bit smaller. 

Medium to large size buttons are also great for crafting and creating hand drawn buttons, especially with younger ages. 

Who will be using the button maker?

Button making is great for all ages, but some sizes tend to be more popular with certain ages or groups.

If you will be using your button maker with school age children a larger size like the popular 2.25" round button is the way to go. This size especially works well with button making activities where kids can design their own buttons. This is because the 2-1/4" button face provides ample drawing space.

If you are making buttons with older students or adults, they may prefer a smaller button like a 1-1/4" or a 1-1/2" round button.

Here is a list of each button kit we sell and a brief description to get a better idea of what each machine is typically used for:

tiny logo button 7/8" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - This is the smallest button size maker you can get. This teeny fashion button size makes great logo pins and cute collectible buttons. 

band button music pin1" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - This is popular band button size, great for one word of text and/or a simple image. This size also has many jewelry options that are not available with other machine sizes.

popular smaller pin size1.5" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - Another very popular size, this button is a great artist button or for selling as multiples as pin collections.

medium size artist buttons1.75" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - This is a great mid-size artist button that won't have you feeling constrained. It is a great option for visual artists and illustrators who may want to use more detailed images in their button making. 

campaign button maker2-1/4" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - The 2.25-inch pin is one of the most popular, standard button sizes. It is the typical campaign button used in political campaigns. But is also popular for using at events, for hand-drawn buttons, younger ages and more. A wide range of products can be made with this size.  

large promo buttons2-1/2" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - The 2-1/2" button will get noticed. Great for larger election buttons and any kind of promotional buttons or photo buttons that will stand out. 

biggest photo button size6" Round Standard Button Maker Kits - This is the biggest button size that is really large. Great for photo art buttons, award plaques. carnival buttons and novelty gag gifts. Super big!

You can read up more on button sizes in this earlier post about our different round custom button sizes.

If you don't see a size or shape listed here, please contact us with your request.