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1-3/4" Standard Round Button Basics Kit

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The 1-3/4" Button Basics Kit is just like the Button Fun Kit except that this kit includes a graphic punch so you can cut out your artwork cleanly and quickly. No scissors needed! You will save sooo much time with the bladeless circle cutter. This kit also includes the heavy duty 1-3/4" button hand press and all the supplies needed to make 500 medium size pinback buttons.


  • Tecre Model #175 hand press for a medium sized button
  • Tecre Model #2088 Graphic Punch (blade-less, table top, punch style circle cutter) The original bladeless circle cutter
  • Everything you need to make 1000 x 1-3/4" pins (shells, pinbacks and mylar). You can always order more 1-3/4" button supplies when you run out.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty & Instructions

The Tecre #175 button maker is all metal construction (no plastic parts), and makes professional quality pin back buttons as well as a variety of other products including magnets, rosettes, and keychains. Includes a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Made in the U.S.A.


The Tecre #175 machine uses Standard 1-3/4" Button Supplies.
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1-3/4" buttons are often used for elections and campaign buttons when a slightly smaller or medium sized button is required.  Also if you need 1 size that crosses between a campaign button and a fashion button then 1-3/4" can be a good choice.