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band button making starter kit
button press for making cool little pinback buttons

1" Standard Round Button Maker Fun Kit

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The Button Maker FUN KIT

The Button Fun Kit is a great place for new button makers to start. This button maker machine kit comes with the button hand press and some supplies to get you up and running! Great for making band buttons, the 1" Standard Round Button Fun Kit is the popular choice for musicians, artists and other creative folks. These super wearable buttons are also great for making logo buttons, button jewelry and fundraising.


  • Tecre Model #100 hand press for making round buttons, magnets and more.
  • Everything you need to make 500 x 1" pins (shells, collets, lock pins and mylar). You can order more 1" Button Supplies when you run out.
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty & Instructions

NOTE: this kit does not include a graphic cutter for cutting out your artwork. Get a good pair of scissors and cut by hand. If you find cutting artwork by hand takes too long or is too tedious, you can use our printing and cutting services or you may want to consider upgrading to the The BUTTON BASICS kit.

The 1 inch button maker makes small buttons.  Small buttons are great for bands and band buttons are popular for school bands right the way up to major international bands.  1 inch buttons are popular with graphic designers who vend buttons because you can pull the pin out the back and replace it with a magnet to make a fridge magnet button very easily.  1" buttons present the design conundrum of designing something eyecatching on a very small canvas.  Simple striking designs work best on 1 inch buttons.


The Tecre #100 button maker is all metal construction (no plastic parts), and makes professional quality buttons, as well as a variety of other products including magnets, mirrors and keychains. This machine comes with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Use with optional Graphic Punch Model #1313

Made in the U.S.A.


The Tecre #100 machine uses Standard 1" Button Supplies.
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