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Button Making for Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week | Custom Buttons Ottawa

School can be a lonely place when you are bullied. But if you are a surrounded by a community that won't accept bullying and chooses kindness instead, school can be a nicer place for everyone. And lessons of kindness learned in schools carry into adulthood to benefit everyone. 

As schools and communities at large prepare to mark this year's Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week (Nov. 18 - 24), we invite you to consider adding button making to your anti-bullying toolkit. 

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Here are a few ways button making can enhance lessons about bullying and kindness in schools. 

1. Use pre-made artwork for younger children

Come up with some pre-made designs and let younger kids colour in the images if coming up with slogans and messages is more challenging. Add the school logo or name and then let the creativity fly!

2. Design around the theme of #ChooseKind

This year's Bullying Awareness Week theme is #ChooseKind, inspired by the book Wonder written by R. J. Palacio. "Choose kind" actually comes from a quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

“If you have a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind."

Read the book with students (there is a picture book version for younger grades) and have the kids create button designs using the #ChooseKind theme for an activity that focuses on creating a positive and supportive school community.

3. Use prompts from lessons

If you are talking about bullying in the classroom, take an idea from those conversations to give students an idea of what to create.

If you are talking about community or kindness, then they can create buttons that have their own message of community or kindness that they would like everyone in the school to adopt. 

4. Have buttons visible all year round

Bullying awareness can and should extend beyond one week of the year.

Encourage students and staff to display and wear their buttons all year round. Or create a button art display to create a more permanent exhibit that anyone using your school can see.

By putting all the buttons together like this, you can really create a powerful image of solidarity and community that can remind students and staff throughout the year to show kindness to each other and help others who may be bullied.

5. Stickers as an alternative to buttons

Looking for a pin-free alternative to buttons to share bullying awareness messages in your school? Stickers create a great alternative to give to students and staff.

These stickers can be worn on shirts throughout the week and can be used to adorn school planners and other objects to carry bullying awareness messages throughout the school year. 

6. Run a contest

Have kids create their own slogans and run a contest to choose those messages that the school would like to adopt and share throughout the community. Then get those messages put onto buttons and distribute to everyone. You can even submit the winning designs so we can make your custom bullying awareness buttons for you!

Get Stocked Up with Button Supplies!

Be sure to order your button supplies so your students will be able to get busy and creative!

If you don't have a button maker, this could be the perfect time to get one for your school! We can help you to get us set up with your school board as a vendor. We do accept Purchase Orders from schools. Contact us to find out how easy it is!

#BAW2018 is the official hashtag for Bullying Awareness Week, if you are thinking of sharing your week's activities and buttons online. You can find more resources and ideas for Bullying Awareness Week here